Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Welcome to a new blogger......

For all you Do Craft members, you will probably already know Kerryjo. Well she has finally decided to start a blog of her own.....yippee yiy yay!!! (about time too lol..). For those who don't know Kerry, her creations are superb, I can't praise her enough, she is soooo amazingly talented. Well I just wanted to welcome her to the wonderful, if not extremely addictive world of blogging. It would be great if you could pay her at visit at There is also a link to her blog on my sidebar, just click kerryjo. Thank you all xx vicki xx

1 comment:

nessy said...

will take a look vicki at another do-crafts blogger!! we are all slowly turning to the "bright" side!!
fantastic news about selling your cards - big pat on the back to you!!!
vanessa xx