Saturday, 29 March 2008

feelings under the weather.....

Well this card has really stressed me out.....mainly because it is for someone I don't even know. I popped into the florist late afternoon, (the one who's selling some of my cards) to give her a poster that I made to go into her window. Whilst there she asked if I could make a card for the sister of one of her customers who unwell at the mo. She didn't want a square card, it had to be a larger size. As long as it mentioned sister on the front, she didn't know of any other details. Trouble is I like to know everything about colours, styles i.e modern, trad, etc the particular person likes. So this is what I have come up with, if she doesn't like it, I have some others in my 'spares' box.
Striped paper and floral paper are by K & Co
Spotty paper is the Papermania Exquisite (which I love at the mo)
Sentiment printed on pc
Image Magnolia
Raincoat & Wellies coloured with Copic Marker ( Rose Red R85) which, by the way, is the only one I have, bought earlier this week just to see what all the fuss is about. Oh! lov-er-ly to use.
Glossy Accents to raindrops, brolly & wellies
Sorry I haven't visited you all much these past couple of days, I'm trying to play the role of Mum & Housekeeper.....(I'm really missing blogging boooo!!! hoooo!!) and the kids are off for another week yet....How am I going to cope without my blogging fix????? I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your little darlings (gremlins) being home from school. Have a great weekend and I'll try and visit you soon.....Got to go and clean up the kitchen now after my 16 year old son has just had supper and left the kitchen like a bombsight, he's sneaked off to bed while I'm on here....aaaaarrrrggh!!! teenagers, anyone want one for a couple of xx vicki xx


Julie said...

Hi vicki
I really like this card, I think the way you have done it would suit most tastes in cards....Its so pretty how could anyone not like it!.My kids are still at school at the moment, our 2wks are from this fri.You are worrying me now about how to entertain them and still get some me time lol...
Jools x p.s has the florist sold any of your cards yet..sounds exciting

NattyK said...

The card is lovely, I am sure it will be just right. x

Noleen said...

The card is lovely and ive just noticed the pic of you with your best mate you look really similar its uncanny

Michelle said...

It is a lovely card Vicki and I bet the recipient will love it. You did a great job not knowing her personally xx

Carolina said...

I think it's lovely! Sure to bring a smile to anyone who is not feeling 100% You did a great job making a card for someone you don't know.