Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Toms' 16th

Well I have had a lovely day today. Still can't believe my 'little boy' is 16, don't they grow up sooo quick...omg!!! I sound like my mum, speaking of which it is also 12 years ago today that she passed away, so another day of mixed emotions, but each year it gets a little easier to live with. Woke Tom up bright and early (6am to be exact). I wanted to give him his card and pressies before my other children woke. I kind of embarrassed him because in with his card I put a lottery ticket and a packet of condoms, well he is at that age and I don't fancy being a grandma just yet, so I'd rather him be careful. Well he laughed and didn't know what to say, it was so funny lol!! After my other children went to school, I took Tom to Cardiff, it was great to spend time together, just me and him, that doesn't happen very often. Well, talk about women being fussy with clothes, he is beyond a joke. He loves clothes and looking after himself, we are late for school nearly every morning, cos of him and his hairstyles he! he!. He cost me a small fortune, but is well worth it. We had a lovely lunch together, then I treated myself, nothing crafty though, Molton Brown, pure indulgence. I can't live without their shower products anymore so I bought Sensual Hanelani and Blissfull Templetree, also got some facial products for the birthday boy. Sorry if I have bored you all to bits by now. I have been nominated for another award, this time by Vanessa, Nessysnotes, thank you so very much Vanessa I will post it later. Got loads of catching up to do. Be back soon. xx vicki xx


gina said...

Happy Birthday Tom, it is lovely to hear about your day, love the condoms in the card, I bet he loved that :)
Gina x

Toni said...

My youngest is 16 -- so much to love, so much to argue with (grin) ... I'm glad you had a great time. Did he like the cards?

a message from gillyflower said...

glad you and your son had a wonderful day
your relationship with your son sounds so much like mine and my son
we are close and enjoy being together
i did the condom thing with ian when he was 17 i added them on to the tesco order made him laugh but as you say better be safe than sorry
on days that i can drive we often go to the health club for a swim if he isn't in college
don't understand parents who hate being with their kids i think lads are close to their moms aren't they mine is 21 this year (and i know we have had him close to us longer than normal due to his learing problems and asperger syndrome but would like to think we would still have been close anyway)oh they grow so fast it's not fair is it