Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Another you make my day award

Thank you so much Vanessa (nessysnotes) for this nomination, I really do appreciate it and am soooo chuffed, though I don't what I have done to deserve either of them. Ok now I have to choose five other people who make my day, ooohhh eck this is difficult, there are so many fab blogs how do you choose, right here goes:-

1 Gill -
2 Sue -
3 Laurel - One of my SBS sisters
4 Veronica - SBS sister
5 Toni - SBS Sister


Laurel said...

OOhhh... thank you for the wonderful nomination.

Gotta run, supposed to be at daughter's floor hockey tournament!

Suzanne said...

Thank You so much Vicki straight back at you!! Sue :o)

Toni said...

What a surprise -- I'm glad you liked the Spring Blooms piece. I had just watched the DVD "A Passage to India" which has some stunning scenery (altho' I didn't really like the movie!) Thank you for the award; I'll be grinning all day!

a message from gillyflower said...

wow what a nice surprise being nominated for an award never happened to me before so thank you really made my day

love toms birthday card it's great
so hard to make cards for boys but that is super i'm sure he will keep it forever
bye for now