Thursday, 20 March 2008

Job lot....

I made a batch of these cards, all a variation of one another, for my daughter Georgia to give to her friends in Brownies and Brown Owl. Also made a few extra to give the Grandparents of my children. I think I can honestly say that I do not want to see this image until next!!!

It's funny to think that this time last year, I wasn't a bit interested in Easter Cards. My sil always sent small cards out, but I never bothered with Easter Cards, this year I have made tons. This crafting business sure does have a strange effect on people...he! he! lol!!! xx vicki xx


Suzanne said...

This little rabbit is so cute and he looks great with the retro papers!! Happy Easter Sue :o0

Noleen said...

Lovely little Easter card, i bought a PB easter stamp and once i got it i just didnt know what to do so it definately wont be out until next year!!! Noleen xx

kerry said...

Hi Vicki, love your easter cards! Strange isn't it how once you get bit by the crafting bug you'll make cards for everything. Kerry xxx

NattyK said...

The stamp is so cute and the papers are lovely too. x

tracey said...

hi i cant send emails for some reason but my details are
mrs t frampton
66 smallcombe road

nessy said...

such a shame -it`s such a cute bunny - lovely cards!!but then if i had been stamping and painting it sooooo many times -i think i would be glad to say good night to it!!
funny , once you start this card making lark -every occasion has a card!!and the postman becomes your best friend!!
happy easter , vanessa xx

Laurel said...

I love those easter cards, the stamp is very cute. I know what you mean, I am making cards for things that I never used to either!