Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My daughters teacher is leaving..

Yasmins teacher, Miss Luxton, is the best thing to happen to our school. She started there the same day as my daughter. Her enthusiasm, determination, passion and caring ways will be missed soooo very much. We only found out Friday that she is going to another school, how lucky they are to have her. It has come as such a shock to the children and parents, both myself and Yasmin were crying when we found out. Miss Luxton is only in her mid 20's, but she is one of the most talented teachers I have known at the school, and I've been going there for the past 13 years. She is leaving because of our head teacher is stopping her from doing fun things with the kids. Our head teacher is all for education and fun events don't come into the equation. We couldn't dress our children up this year for world book day, there's no Easter Bonnet Parade or decorate Easter Eggs competition this year. I don't understand why, when we have done so for the past couple of years. I'm all for education, but children also learn through fun and playing too. I can't say I blame Miss Luxton for leaving, but I just wish she wasn't. Ok sorry to blabber on, just can't believe how upset I am about this. xx vicki xx


Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear your daughter's teacher is leaving Vicki, she sounds like she will surely be missed. You never forget a good teacher. What a lovely keepsake for her to have, I bet she will love it xx

Vicki May said...

I with you Vicki, your daughter head sounds like a bore. Where's the fun going out of schools. They are suppost to be the happiest days of our lives. Hopefully you will find another teacher who will be just as good. They are out there, we have a music teacher who's the best.
And Thanks for the comments on my blog, I'm enjoying it alot. I also saw on your info that you like Doris Day ooooo me too, I love older films, my favourite is Audrey Hepburn, such a wonderful star. My Budgie Jack also like Doris Day and love to chrip along to her songs lol.
Lovely cards you've made I'm sure Miss Luxton will remember Yasmin for a long time. Vicki May

nessy said...

hi vicki
what a shame your daughter is going to be without such a lovely teacher ~ they can make or break a childs enthusiasm to learn -i`m with you -children learn through, fun things and encouragement!!
what a delightful card you have made for this unforgettable teacher ~i`m sure she is feeling just as bad about leaving!!
vanessa xx

Laurel said...

That is too bad the teacher is leaving. As a teacher myself, I don't understand why the head teacher has those beliefs. I love what you made for her though, she is going to love it!

Carla said...

I'm so glad your daughter had the opportunity to be exposed to a great teacher, I know you will miss her. Hopefully whoever replaces her will also be good, there are all kinds of ways teachers can be good! This gift will be a real keepsake for her!

NattyK said...

What a great card Vicki. I am sure she will cherish it. Good teachers are hard to find. My kids did not dress up for World Book Day either this year which they normally do. At least they are still doing the Easter Hat and Egg Rolling for the little ones in Nursery. It is so frustrating the way all the old traditions in school are slowly dying out, as they are very important.

kerry said...

Hi Vicki, I got me a blog, yeh!
Don't know what I'm doing & nothing on it yet, but oh well at least I can leave comments now!!
The card & box are fab, I'm sure Yasmin's teacher will love it. By the sound of it it's a shame she is leaving, I hope Yasmin isn't too upset. Kerry xx

Shirley said...

That is so sweet. Its such a shame when you get a nice teacher and they leave. I know with my son, he has ADHD and is very attached to his teacher at the moment, they work very well together, I dread her leaving or him getting a different teacher,

Julie said...

Hi Vicki, I'm sure Miss Luxton will be very touched by your lovely gift. It's funny how people don't seem to realise how much more you learn when you're enjoying what you're doing.