Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Happy Birthday Gina, Awards and some tragic news

Happy Birthday to you !!! Happy Birthday to you !!! Happy Birthday dear Gina !!! Happy Birthday to you !!!

Here is the card I sent to Gina, as today is her birthday and boy has she had some gorgeous goodies, just have a nosey at her blog, lots of scrummylicious stash to play!!!

I have used my new RR stamp for this card, (Natalie I couldn't resist, it's your fault.....) Natalie made me a beautiful card for my birthday using this very image and I new then I just had to get it myself and so ordered it from Dies to Die For.

I have received the Wilde Women award from Lesley, (so sorry I forgot to save the piccie) shall do it later. Huge thanks Lesley for thinking of me to give it too, I'm touched and so very grateful.

I have also received this fab award from Natalie, Gina G, Sharon and Sara. Huge thanks ladies, this really means a lot to me and has put a smile on my face, just when I need it most. There are so many wonderful blogs and not to mention amazing girlies, that I have the pleasure in calling friends, that makes this part extremely difficult, so I would like to pass this award back to all the fab girlies who gave it to me and to all that takes the time to visit my lil oasis.

And now for such sad news, sorry to post this here but feel the need to. My son Ryan came home from school yesterday (yasmin's birthday too) very sad, he'd been crying. When I asked what was wrong, I wasn't expecting this reply. His friend in the same year as him at school, aged 14, has died. His mum had taken him to the doctors for some antibiotics for his acne. He took the tablet and his body reacted to the tablet, causing some sort of anapylactic shock. Ryan went to school today, but the Head said that if they wanted to go home they could. There is a special assembly in school tomorrow, not sure as yet when the funeral is. Ryan has never been to a funeral before, so this is going to be extremely difficult for him. It has been so hard to comfort Ryan, not having gone through anything like this before. Sorry to have burdened you all with this, please excuse my spelling, its' hard typing through tears.

xx vicki xx


Suzanne said...

Beautiful card I am sure Gina was thrilled she had some great stash.
Ryan all you can do is be there for him. my son had been to 3 friends funerals by the time he was 21 the last being his best friend who was killed while they were out riding their motorbikes, there are no words it is just being there and giving them a big hug when they need it. Sue :o)

Maria's Cards said...

I'm sure Gina loved the beautiful card that you made for her birthday.
I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Ryan's friend. I hope Ryan can find a way of coping with this shocking news and i'm sure he takes great comfort in knowing you are there for support Vicki. Look after yourselves, I will be thinking of you. All my love Maria x

Caroline said...

I know the boys had a terrible day in school yesterday. we knew about it the day before. Josh has been friends with shaun since they started primary school. They have had numerous sleepovers at mine and his house. I cant stop thinking about his poor mum Claire I was talking and laughing with her on saturday. What do you say to someone when they have lost their Son! And such a lovely boy too!!!!!

Natalie said...

Gorgeous card Vicki, I am sorry to make you spend more money but it is a fab stamp. I am sorry to hear the sad news of your son's friend, that must be devastating for his family, it makes you cherish every day. x

Julie said...

Hi Vicki

Love the sorry to hear about Ryans bad news.What an awful thing to happen and so sudden.I hope you all get through it and I`m sure Ryan and his mates will help each other. I feel so sorry for his parents, it makes me feel lucky to have my boys.Thinking of you. x

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Vicki, I'm sure Ryan will get through it with the love and support of you and the rest of his family. I heard the news on Wednesday and as my son is also 14 I immediately burst into tears. It is an awful thing for his parents and my heart goes out to them. Take care of Ryan. Lots of love, Denise x

kerry said...

A gorgeous card & I love the colours!

My goodness Vicki, what terrible & sad news. To lose anyone close to you is always devastating but when it is such a shock, as with Ryan's friend it makes you think all the more. My heart goes out to his parents & huge hugs to you & Ryan.
You know where I am if you need a natter.
Kerry xxx

Jill said...

gorgeous card Vicki, I love the colours and I'm sure Gina loved it, So sorry tohear about your friends son Shaun, I was crying just reading your post and I thought of nothing else since, such a terrible tragedy, his poor parents must be going throught hell, take care vicki and if you need to talk I'm here for you hugs Jill xx

Jilli said...

Ryan will be fine Vicki, honest! My girls went through this 3 years of their very good friends drowned...I found that just listening to them helped and also being available to buy flowers, find poems, take them to the place he died and the funeral. I encouraged them to take photo's of the flowers left by the river and we visited the crematorium just before closing to take flowers of the wreaths... morbid I know, but they have those now forever and are glad that they do! Hope this helps! hugs Jillix

Michelle said...

Beautiful card and I am sure Gina loved it. I am so sorry to hear about Ryan's friend, I have tears running down my face as we speak, what a tragic loss. My thoughts are with the parents and your family Vicki, sending you love and big hugs xxxx