Friday, 29 May 2009

Huggable Hank

awwwww...I just love this lil guy...look at his expression isn't he just so!!!

I was a bit of a pain to Tracy at Dies To Die For, cos I kept on asking when was he due in stock, so apologies Tracy but I just couldn't wait to get me lil mitts on!!! Thank you also for the fabulous service you offer too.

Well as the title suggests, this is Huggable Hank and he's by High Hopes. I've coloured him with a mix of allsorts of mediums, from Copics, Derwent watercolour pencils, Karisma shading pencils and Karisma water colour pencils with Sansador, I dunno, I just can't get along with the Sansador way at all, the colour just doesn't seem to "move" around the image for my liking, i'm awaiting the arrival of some Koh I Noor pencils so I'll try them with Sansador next and see if I get on any better. Papers are SU. Here he is again, slightly paler in colour this time but still used the same mediums to colour him. Basic Grey Archaic papers, some dewdrops and I'm not sure the name of the sentiment tag sorry.

I also ordered High Hopes "Warm Wishes" (another adorable dragon blowing out the candles on his birthday cake), from Tracy too, I've made a few cards with that image and what a doughnut I am as I forgot to take piccies and have given the cards out...doh!!!!
My MIL is taking my daughters out for the day so I am hoping to sort out my craft room.....boy oh boy is it in one heck of a mess, this time I really am too ashamed to take any pics, trouble is I keep buying crafting goodies and I've run out of spaces to put everything, so all my new stash is still on the floor....pmsl
Whatever your up to today I hope you all enjoy yourselves. luv 'n' hugs
xx vicki xx


Nancy said...

OH Vicki, he is adorable, your lil dragon:O) Cute look!
Have a nice day in the crafting room..... I know what you mean, there is too much beautiful stuff out there I just must have.... You might get to use it some day! LOL
Hugs, Nancy;O)

Kathleen said...

Hi Vicki
Its a fab card. I like the second one. Kathleen x


Good morning Vicki, wow what an adorable card hunny i love this image, no wonder you couldn't wait to get your hands on this cutey!! i don't think any of us crafters are patient, looking forward to more fabulous makes with this little dragon! have a good day hunny hugs Linda x

Stacey said...

I can see why you wanted this little fella so much Vicki, he is GORGEOUS! Fabulous colouring too ~♥~

Natalie said...

Great cards Vicki. x

debby4000 said...

Oh what fabulous cards, he is so cute no wonder you were keen to buy him.

Cass said...

Gorgeous cards Vicki.He is so cute,I'm not surprised you were anxious to get him.Love the colours and the papers.
Cass xxx

Vicky said...

I love these cards Vicki! Hank is just adorable! You'll ahve to let me know how you get on with the koh-i-noor pencils as I am thinking of getting some of these as well!
Hope you've had a good day & enjoy your wekend!
Hugs, Vicky -x-

Sapphires-Crafty-Cards said...

Hi Vicki
Lovely card...I love your dragon..hes adorable..Vicki have you tried polychromo pencils with the sansodor..they work together like a dream and blend really well..I have bought some to try and I'm loving the effect..In fact i've been playing with them all care
Michelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Fab card Vicki,
Sue x

Jill said...

2 goreous cards Vicki, I love the dragon images and the papers, hope your have a wonderful day crafting hugs Jill xx

Nicola said...

Awe these are so adorable, you just gotta love this dragon. Fabby papers and detail Vicki. I love my prismas now but they did take me a month to get used to so hopefully yours will work for you real soon.
Nicola -x-

Tracy K said...

I'm back and making sure he's not just stuck in a draw feeling unloved :o)
They're wonderful Vicki!!!

Anonymous said...

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