Tuesday, 6 May 2008

a wild life......

yippeee!! at last, I have been able to make a card using the fab freebie ' Mr Giraffe doodle' from Kerry (thank you so much Kerry). Kerry has very kindly put this image on her blog, but please respect her copyright.

After weeks of moaning to my hubby about our printer he has finally bought a new one. Just wish it had arrived in time for Ryans birthday, as he is a mad Arsenal and Cardiff City Fan and I would have loved to have used those images for his card.

Sorry I've not been around for a few days, it's been really mad at home lately. To be honest I seem to be spending more and more time in the car, taxiing kids from one place to another. It has really got me down at the moment. The biggest problem being school, they are 7 and 9 miles away. We moved to this house 7 years ago and I made the silly mistake of not moving schools. Tom and Ryan were heartbroken at the thought of moving house....let alone schools... so I let them stay with their friends.....boy did I make a 'rod for my own back'. Especially as the local school is only at the top of our street....I must be crazy trekking all that way. Well no more, I have decided to move the girls and if Ryan doesn't want to move schools, he will have to take the bus. Tom is leaving school this Friday, just goes back for his GCSE so it doesnt affect him. He'll be going to college in Sept. Ooohhhh I'm so sorry for going on and on, I'm just really fed up at the mo and as for crafting I haven't had a chance lately, but I was determined to make this card, just to christen my new printer. Hopefully will have some more to show later in the week, got loads of footy matches, brownies and footy training this week, not to mention Ryan is back into tennis ...aaarrrgghhh!!!!! My heads gonna burst.

Hope everyone is happy and!!! love to you all
xx vicki xx


Jilli said...

Hi Vicki, maybe its the time of year cos by Friday last week i'd lost the will to live and if I could've decided where to go I wouldn't still be here now (must learn to make my own mind up lol!) Stick with it hun, its only going to get better as they grow up and become more independent, believe me, I'm loving not having to taxi Ellie around more. The only downside is they tend to bring back their own children for you to look after, but at least they go back every night!! Chin up and keep smiling! Big hug from me ... Jilli x

Jamie Martin said...

Love the card, great background. I'm in the same boat as far as driving all over except our schools are close. And with these gas prices it gets expensive :)

NattyK said...

Great card Vicki. I hope everyone appreciates you, and always make time for yourself. x

kerry said...

Vicki, Mr Giraffe looks FAB!!! I love how you've torn & distressed the edge of the paper. Brilliant card!
Ooo err, sounds as if you really are 'moms taxi', hopefully it sounds as if things might calm down for you soon. I agree with Natalie, always try & make 'you' time, you deserve it!!
Kerry xxx

gina said...

Great card, I am shattered just reading what you have to do, I hope it gets better for you soon, and you moan away if you need to :)
Gina xx

Cass said...

Hi Vicki,thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Love your card from Kerry's doodle.It's fab.

Cass xx

Michelle said...

Great card, you have done Kerry's doodle great justice. I love your colouring and lovely layout/papers/colours. Sorry to hear about you week, hope it is a bit better now. Travelling takes up so much time and I can't imagine how long that takes out of your day xx