Sunday, 11 May 2008

What a scorcher..........

It has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in South Wales. I hope everyone else has had it as lovely too. We have spent the whole weekend at home in our garden, which has been a real treat. Usually we spend every weekend dashing from one football match to another. Mind you we have been really busy as I have neglected our poor garden this year and it desperately needed tidying up. So I guess this is crafting of the green fingered!!! I hope you don't mind if I pop some pics to show you what we've been up too....
Above is Ryan with his mate Rhys, Georgia-May and Yasmin with their friend Chloe.

Tom, Ryan and Rhys
Not the best pic of my hubby Steve, but I had to take it. We have lived in this house almost 7 years. He has probably mowed the lawn a maximum of 5 times and NEVER before has he done any digging or weeding, gardening is my!! So this weekend was a first for him.
I don't look my best in this pic either, but I had been digging so that's my excuse...he! he!. Tom officially finished school on Friday, he goes in later this week to do his GCSE's.
Georgia eating her bacon butty this morning.
Yasmin with her bacon butty.

Georgia and Yasmin have made a snail sanctuary in the garden and that's pretty much all they have played with all weekend, SNAILS...yuk!!! Well I guess as long as they were happy, that's the main thing. Now our garden is more or less tidy again, that should leave me with some time on my hands to do some proper!!!!!
Thanks for passing by, hope everyone is happy and well, take care, love & best wishes
xx Vicki & The Cody crew xx


Vicki May said...

Wow looks like you've had a brill weekend, the pictures are great.
Good luck Tom with your exams. My Nicki is taking her A levels this year so I know how you're feeling Mum!
Enjoy the sun today, might have the garden to yourself today x vicki x
ps love all the cards you've done since I last popped by

NattyK said...

Great photo's Vicki, looks like you all had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather we are having, lets hope it's here to stay. x

Julie said...

Hi Vicki...lovely to see pics of you and your family having fun in the sun. Looks like you worked hard too, isnt it nice to sit in the garden when its all neat and tidy? We spent the weekend in the garden too but I didnt get round to any gardening so i`m now feeling very guilty! x

kerry said...

Looks as if 'the Cody Crew' had a fab weekend! We did exactly the same as you, or should I say me & the boys. Hubby had to work all over the weekend, you could say he wasn't to
Anyway, great piccies Vicki!
Kerry xxx

Jenn said...

Great pics of you and the family Vicki!!! Looks like ya'll had a Fabulous weekend!!!

gina said...

Oh isn't it nice to use your garden again :) I don't think we had the chance last year with the horrible weather, it is great to see pictures of your family :)
Gina x

Michelle said...

Lovely pics Vicki, thanks for sharing them :0) Your garden looks great. Good luck to Tom for his GCSEs xx