Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Someone's hacked into our account....

Just been doing some online banking and noticed that on our statement there is a debit today of £988.25 to Kwik Fit. Rang Stephen in work, (he works nights), he knows nothing about it, but it was taken from his card, it shows online the last four digits of his card number. Looks like his card has been 'cloaned'. So we are trying to sort something out at this time of night, but the bank has said we need to get in touch with the fraud dept which opens at 8am. In the meantime Stephens card has been cancelled. It's not just a matter of the money gone, it's all the inconvenience that goes with it.

So please be on your guard and make sure you check your statements regularly. I'm bloody fuming, (sorry for the language)..................AAARRGGHH!!!

Will let you know the outcome, as and when xx vicki xx


NattyK said...

I bet you are fuming, I would be too. I hope you get it sorted. x

maria's cards said...

Hope you get it sorted vicki. maria x

Cass said...

Hi Vicki, the same thing happened to us last year.Fraud department from our Bank called to ask if we'd been using it for mobile phone top ups (lots of different networks) in Coventry and somewhere else down south.They knew it hadn't been us but were just checking.We got our money refunded (about £500) and had to fill in a fraud form.The having to get the cards changed was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

Jenn said... sorry to hear that has happened to you! That recently happend to my brother a few months ago, someone cloaned his card and was charging things on it...that's pretty crazy if you ask me.

Well I hope you get it taken care of!!!