Tuesday, 28 July 2009

a lovely award......

I have received this lovely award from my amazing Stampin for the Weekend teamie, Kimmi. Thank you so very much Kimmi for thinking of me to pass this onto. For those who don't know Kimmi, she is one courageous young lady, who has been through a tremendous amount for such a young age. Kimmi is undergoing chemo at the moment, but her drive, determination and high spirit is so inspiring, I honestly admire everything about this wonderful young lady, she is truly amazing.
I have met some wonderful friends in blogland so choosing who to pass this award onto is difficult but here goes:-

Zoe, Claire, Caroline, Vicky, Kerry, Jill, Jilli, Natalie and Julie.

ttfn xx vicki xx

p.s. Just to say that the squirrel situation is now under control. The little devils had chewed through our water pipes in the loft eaves, which lead to my craft room ceiling, the study ceiling and Yasmins bedroom ceiling dripping with water. Yasmins bedroom was the worst as her ceiling completely caved in, but thankfully it has been fixed just waiting for the plasterer to come, then I can re-decorate it. Poor Yasmin was hysterical when it happened, she had just come out of the shower and was going into her bedroom when the water was gushing through the ceiling, but is now a happy lil bunny cos I have promised her new curtains, bedding etc. Thank you for all your kind regards. Luv 'n' hugs xx vicki xx


Natalie said...

Thanks for thinking of me Vicki, I really appreciate it.

Natalie x

Kimmi said...

You're welcome for the award Vicki. Glad to hear the squirrels are gone ! No more leaky pipes!

Kimmi xx

Jill said...

ohh Vicki, thanks so much for thinking of me, so sorry I haven't visited you lately, both kids had the dreaded swine flu, then we went away for a weeks holiday and now I have an eye infection lol, so sorry to here about your flodding, but so pleased your craft stuff wasn't damaged take care and hugs Jill xx