Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I've been tagged....

.... a couple of days ago by Saz to give 7 facts about myself. It wasn't that long ago that I did a tag similar, so please forgive me if I've sent you all to sleep because these are really boring/sad facts about myself. OK here goes

1. I can't swim. Never been interested in learning either. I will go in the water with my children for a splash around though ....lol

2. I'm petrified of heights, therefore not very keen on fairgrounds.

3. I love piggin' out on celery and houmous, one of my fav snacks....(oooh just realised, there's some left over in the fridge, back in a mo........... i'm back...he! he!...yuuuummmmmy!!

4. I quit smoking and stopped biting my nails at the same time, three years ago now. I'm proud to say I have long, strong, healthy nails, which I love looking after and painting different colours... another addiction I have.

5. I'm really fussy (think of the guy in Sleeping with the Enemy) with my hand towels. They HAVE to be ironed and folded in a particular way before going into the airing cupboard. There MUST be three hanging over the towel rails in the bathrooms and all facing a certain way. Now bearing in mind we have 3 bathrooms and a downstairs loo, thats a lot of towels to mess up... :o(

6. Another sad habit/addiction/obsession I have is buy cleaning products. I think this stems from giving up smoking. Since 'kicking the habit', I've turned into a cleaning freak.....lol :o)

7. Lately I've become extremely forgetful and find that I have to write lists for everything and keep memos on the fridge etc......well the big 40 is fast approaching.....or am I just losing the plot altogether.....pmsl :-)!!!!

OK to save everyone the job, I have already phoned for 'the men in white coats' to come a take me away....he! he!. OMG!!! should I have revealed any of that info, makes me sound out to be a looney tune of a nutcase. I'm not........honestly.......lol!!!

I think most peeps have already played this game, so I won't pass in on to anyone in particular just play along if you want.

Will pay you all a visit later when my girlies have gone to bed. Hope everyone is well and happy. Be back soon. xx vicki xx


Jamie Martin said...

Hey Vicki, liked reading the facts about you, don't worry I keep lists too but I have a couple years on you, I'm 43 :)

nessy said...

gosh what fab facts ~ made me giggle ~thought i was reading about me for a second!! LOL
i don`t swim, love my towels straight!! and yes my brain is muzzy (now 43) and have to make lists for everything!!
mind you i`ve never smoked and since having the boys my house is a tip!!!(so you can come round with your cleaning products and have a good go at my house any time)LOL
vanessa xx