Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hiya folks.......

........sorry for not being around lately, been a bit down and in a rutt, plus  I seem to be forever taxiing my kiddies here there and everywhere, I'm shattered all the time and I've been neglecting the dreaded housework for so long that it has got me down, so I've been trying to catch up with everything around here.   I've not been in my craft room for almost a fortnight, my Mojo has emigrated and can you believe that I went into town on Friday and bought (gasp, shock, horror) 6 birthday cards,  I just didn't have it in me to make any.....omg!!! that's the first time in over 2 years that I have bought any cards......oh the shame....there my big confession to you!!!! I have a couple of orders for cards to make, goodness knows how I'm gonna make them, so if anyone has any spare mojo's around, please send them my!!!  On a happier note, my luvly  blogging buddy and fellow taffy (Welsh) friend Clare asked if I would be interested in going to the NEC with her in November.....well of course I couldn't refuse, I've always wanted to go but never made it, so I was chuffed to bits when she suggested it and now I so can't wait.   I hope I'll be back to normal soon, in the meantime take care all, loads of love and hugs...mmmmmwaaahhhhh xx vicki xx


Tara said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down Vicki...... I went through this a few weeks ago..... it's just so hard to balance everything right? I think my mojo must be off partying with yours today because everything is ending up in the bin, lol!
I'm going to Birmingham in November with Jo (Boots Blogspot) so I'll keep an eye out for you there ;o)
Hugs Tara xx

craftypagan said...

Hi sweets, sorry to hear about you feeling down, I've been like that this past week. You'll feel better though soon and all refreshed, I think we all need a break and to just catch up with the everyday. I'm also going to the NEC-would love to meet up with ya and say hi! Lots of Love, Rowena

P.S. If you ever fancy a chat ya know where I am!

Penni said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a bit out of sorts Vicki, hope your feeling more like yourself soon.

I'm going to the NEC too, I'm dragging my hubby and kids with me (need to have someone to pay and someone to carry the bags lol!!!), but it would be nice to meet for a coffee if we can. I'm going on the Saturday (07/11).

Take care of yourself and keep smiling!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feeling better soon Vicki,
Take care. Sue x

Sharon said...

Hi Vicki. I think we've all been through this at some time & it not nice. At least you've got a trip to the NEC to look forward to & the new SU catty to browse. Hope you're soon up to making your gorgeous cars again.
Sharon (((xxx)))

Mandy said...

Hi hun, sorry to hear your feeling down hun, hopefully a splurge at the NEC will help cheer you up and Mr Mojo will behave himself and reappear.
Sending you bigs hugs
Mandy xx

Kimmi said...

Hi Vicki

Sending you lots of HUGS! I think your Mojo and mine have gone away together lol. Hope you feel better soon and get yourself feeling back to your better self xx

Speak soon

Kimmi xx

Vicky said...

I know exactly where you are coming fomr Vicki. My mojo has been AWOL since before I went on my hols. However I can report I made 2 cards today so things are looking up! I hope the same happens for you real soon hun!
Hugs, Vicky ~x~

Sapphires-Crafty-Cards said...

aww vicki so sorry you've been feeling down..I do know what you mean though about the Mojo thing.. i must confess i have bought some in the past because its easier than having to make them..hey vicki i might see you at the NEC craft show I'm going with my daughter but i'm going on the saturday looking forward to that..
big hugs
Michelle Xx