Sunday, 30 August 2009

Some wonderful awards

I've been so lucky to have received these fabby awards from two lovely ladies.

This first award was passed onto me a while back and it's from Teri, I must apologise to Teri for taking so long in posting it on my blog, it's a lovely award and thank you so much for passing it onto me Teri.

Teri also gave me this "Royal Thing" award too. My lovely friend and fellow SFTW teamie Nancy also was kind enough to pass this award onto me too, thanks you so much girls, I love it
You have to list 5 things that you love, so here goes:-

1. Of course it has to be my wonderful, if slightly barmy family, love these guys to bits....
2. Well cardmaking has to come a very close second
3. I know I've said it before but I can't resist buying Kipling handbags
4. I love to unwind in my craft room, with all the lovely papers and goodies to drool!!!
5. Peanut M & M's.....I could eat them by the truck load....

Nancy also gave me this lovely Circle of Friends award some time back, so I do apologise Nancy for taking so long in posting it, but thank you so very, very much for thinking of me.......(((hugs)))
I would like to pass these three awards onto all the lovely blogging friends followers of my blog, to say a huge thanks for all your wonderful support and comments you very kindly take the time to leave me.......loads of luv 'n' hugs xx vicki xx

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