Friday, 7 July 2017

Tragedy, heartache and new directions

Oh wow..........Where to begin?

Firstly helloooo my lovely followers, hope you are all keeping well.  I've once again neglected my poor little Oasis but life sometimes takes over in the most cruel and unexpected ways.

February 21st 2017, the worst day for our entire family.  Our eldest son Tom, aged 24, was tragically killed in a car crash.  He was a passenger in the back seat.  The driver lost control of the car, it spun out of control and slammed sideways into a tree.  Tom took the full brunt of the collision and died on impact 12 days before his 25th birthday.

Up until now, life has just come to a standstill, well for me at least.  I've still not returned to work but do intend to go back when the new school term starts in September.  I barely leave the house these days.  For someone who used to be so independent and outgoing, I've changed, grief has changed me.

The driver of the car was released from prison Wednesday 5th July. He lives just down the road from us.  We could bump into him at anytime.  We are still waiting to hear what the driver will be charged with.  He had no valid UK license and no insurance.

Which brings me to the real reason as to why I am writing this post.  As many of you already know, I started card making in 2007, joined the Do-Crafts forum and made friends with some of your wonderful, lovely ladies.  I set up my little blog in 2008 and continued to make cards as and when I could.

I've been wanting to take it further for perhaps the past 3 - 4 years but didn't how or if it would be worth it etc. 

With what has happened these past four months, I've decided to just go with what my instincts have been telling me.  It's almost as if Tom is encouraging me to do it.  So this time I am going to listen to my gut instincts and go for it.

I've decided to start my own little Wedding Stationery business.  I made my first lot of wedding stationery in 2011 for my best friend.  Mind you as I remember, I didn't really have much choice or say in the matter, as she announced, "By the way Vic, you are making our invites!"  Since then I have made wedding stationery for many of our friends and family.

I've had my Facebook page, Paperlicious Creations by Vicki since 2012, sharing my cards and creative makes but now it will focus mainly on all things to do with Weddings.

Today I have ordered business cards....YIKES!!!!!!! but how exciting.

So from now on my blog will mainly feature Wedding Stationery, decorations, colour schemes, themes and styles etc.

Not that I am going to stop making cards altogether, as card making and scrapbooking were my first love.  So the odd card will appear now and again.

Now feels like the right time in my life to do something for me, for a change. A new direction, a new focus for a new me.  So if anyone has any advice, please feel free to share it with me as I have not got the first clue where to start about running a business.  It is going to be a very big learning curve.

Our beautiful boy, with a big personality and an even bigger heart.
5th March 1992 - 21st February 2017
Thank you for taking the time to visit my little oasis, I really do appreciate it.  Sorry if I have waffled on too much.
Love 'n' crafty hugs
xx Vicki xx


Aunty Sue said...

gosh I dont know what to say other than I am so sorry for your loss such a shame taken far too young. As for the business I am sure you will make it a massive sucess and he will be watching and encouraging you on.

Janette said...

I can't Begin to tell you how sad I am to read about your loss, what a handsome young man, I feel for you Vicki, I hope you can find some peace somewhere, crafting is always a good start. I am sure your wedding stationery will do well..look forward to seeing what you have to share.....
Take care...xx