Friday, 5 March 2010

My lil lad is 18 today......omg!!!!!

Hiya folks, happy Friday to you all.  I've not posted any cards at the mo, I will be back lately as I've made loads over the last few days.  Just wanted to wish my lil boy Tom a very Happy 18 th Birthday, I can't believe how quick these years are flying by, seems not that long ago that I was celebrating my 18th, crikey do I feel old!!!!!   Here's a lil piccie of Tom with the lovely girlfriend Becca,  I must get a more recent piccie of these two together, think this was taken last Summer and Tom has aged since then.....hehehehe!!!!!!!

Today is kind of bittersweet as it's also 14 years ago today that my mum passed away.  Usually when it's the lead up to Toms' birthday I get really upset, I think this year is the first year that I feel normal, maybe because it's such a special birthday for Tom, I know it's been 14 years since my mum passed away but I think it's something you never get used to, no matter how long its been, you just learn to cope I suppose. March is my worst month, what with the Anniversary of mums death, plus Mother's Day, it's also my mum & dad's wedding anniversay on the 18th and mum's birthday on the 26th, so far I'm doing ok but roll on April.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, 
take care, luv 'n' crafty hugs 
xx vicki xx


Sharon said...

Hi Vicky
What a handsome chappie!!!
Will be thinking about you during this difficult mont.
Sending you hugs

Sharon xx

Leann said...

What a gorgeous pair they are - hope he's had a fab day!
Sending you a big hug over Sweetie, this is the first year my nan won't be with us (her birthday was the 26th too!), so I'll be thinking of you x x x

nessy said...

thankyou for sharing this adorable pic ~don`t they grow so fast!!
hope you enjoyed the day ~and hope you had some happy memories of the past
vanessa xx

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