Tuesday, 14 April 2009

a couple of cards

Hello everyone and a happy Tuesday to you all. Just a quick post today as I'm off out shortly with my daughters, weather permitting, it's quick cloudy here in South Wales, with just a glimmer of sunshine trying to break through the clouds.
This baby girl card I made for an order, the lil pram and frilly tag image are Magnolia, papers are downloaded free from either Epsom or Canon Scrapbook. As for the gorgeous crochet flower, that was a special pressie from my lovely friend Jilli. Huge thanks again Jilli, I love them.

I've also been having a lil play with my new Alota stamps, the images have been coloured using Copics and the papers are K & Co.

I'll pop back and visit you all asap. Hope you have a lovely day, whatever your up to.
ttfn xx vicki xx


Julie said...

Three sweet cards Vicki, all lovely.

Katie said...

Hi Vicki,
These cards are gorgeous! The pastel colours you've used are lovely.
We are part of the the same 'stampers 10 club' with Jules? Being the bad blogger that I am, I've only just got round to coming here to say hello. I'm from South Wales too!

See you again soon.



Gorgeous cards Vickie.Dianne xx

Vikki said...

oh so sweeeet, i love them! :)

Jilli said...

Gorgeous cards Vicki ... glad you like the flowers ... i have some more here that i just need to pop in the post, when i have time to ****! pmsl! mwah Jillix

Natalie said...

Vicki these are all adorable. x

nessy said...

gorgeous baby card vicki ~super cute!!
enjoy your "girly" day
vanessa xx

Denise said...

Very precious cards! I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards, Sue x

KatzoKrazy said...

Vicki thanks for the really nice comment on my blog! I really appreciated that :) I love your cards they are gorgeous! Maybe i will need a few tips hehe xx

Hope to see more creations :)


pickle said...

Wow Vicki, you have been busy. Lovin all your new creations, they are all gorgeous. But then I wouldn't expect anything else from you.
Those a lot a's are adorable !!
Kerry x

Michelle said...

Gorgeous, I love those Alota characters xx

Jill said...

aww Vicki they are all soo cute I love everyone of them hugs Jill xx

kerry said...

Ahhh, sooo cute!!! Whoever ended up with these would definitely have loved them...I do!!!
Kerry xxx

Anonymous said...

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