Thursday, 29 January 2009

girly cards

Hey two posts in one day, well I've been having a lil bit of "me" time today. You would not believe the horrendous week I've had and to top everything, yesterday I was driving into Cardiff for a hospital appointment, when my car broke down at a set of traffic lights on a very busy street....aarrgghhh. I managed to get the car to a safe place, and walked the rest of the way to the hospital, luckily enough a garage was close by, they towed my car there and that's where it still is today. A part of the drive shaft connecting to the gear box has broke, hopefully I'll bet my car back tomorrow after paying the best part of £500 to fix it.

Anyway sorry for the whinging, I feel that's all I've done this week. I've just made these cards, just because I felt like having a lil play, plus the florist has asked me to make lots of cards for different occassions all I need is the hours to make them. Take care all xx vicki xx


clare said...

what gorgeous cards hun.
and i hope you get your car fix soon.hope you have a better weekend.
hugs clarex

Kirsten said...

These are beautiful, I love the hearts. Kirsten.

nessy said...

lovely girly cards vicki!!
do hope you get your car back very soon ~ roll on next week, it can only get better.
vanessa xx

Jill said...

aww Vicki so sorry to hear about your car hun, your trio of cards are stnning I love your style and your colouring is wonderful, love the papers hugs Jill x

Natalie said...

These are gorgeous Vicki. The first one is very elegant, I love the embossing on the hearts. x