Friday, 25 January 2008

sisterhood of the blogging stampers 11

Well it's official, I have joined the sbs-11 and am looking forward to 'meeting' all my new sisters. I've already posted a few things about myself but here's a few more getting to know me facts.

I hate ironing, baked beans, liars and bad manners (it costs nothing to say your please and thank yous) I love spending quality time with my family. Chocolate. Old films (Doris Day films). 80's music. Coyote Ugly and Holiday are also fab films. I used to work in my daughters school as a teachers aide. I'm rather nervous about sbs11 as I'm not really sure what to do and am not very good with a computer, but love making cards and scrapbooking. I spend way too much on crafting goodies, but hey who doesn't, I often buy duplicates products, one to use, the other to admire......don't laugh!!! you know what I'm talking about, cos you do it too He! He! He!


Toni said...

Oh, Vicki, I am so ready to resign my SBS 11 membership after seeing all the blogs so far -- talk about a nervous newbie nellie!!!! well, then I read in your post just now that you hate to iron, and that is SO LIKE ME that I've decided to hang in there and bluster on through! Can't wait to get to know you.

Gina Juliet said...

here here!! Bad manners drive me CRAZY!!! LOok foward to interacting with you through sbs11

Laurel said...

I am looking forward to the SBS11 too. It will be fun to keep seeing new stuff. I have to admit though, I am getting too addicted to looking at stuff, I'm not making as much!

NattyK said...

So glad you have joined a sisterhood, it is great fun. It seems we have a lot in common, I too love Doris Day films and 80's music and I have just started a little job in the boys school helping out. x

Jeri Aaron said...

Vicki - I just stopped by to say hello to a fellow member of SBS11.

Veronica said...

Hi Vicki
I see you like Rubber Romance too. LOVE IT. I am looking so forward to getting to know you.
What fun we will all have. It is always so much fun to meet new people and share our love of this craft.
Talk to you soon

AnneMarie said...

Hello!!!!!!!! across the pond and down here in Texas!!!
can't wait to see all the great talent and inspiration- this will be a blast!
see you soon!

Michelle said...

Hi there! Looks like a fab group so far. I'm in SBS10, and just checkin out you girls as well! I'm sure we'll all run into each other sometime anyway.
Enjoy your group!
Michelle SBS10 (New Zealand)