Thursday, 16 August 2012

Printer help/advice

Hiya folks, I wonder if you wouldn't mind helping me out please.

My incredibly trusty, 13 year old Epson Stylus RX685 printer has just died on me ....boooo hoooo :-(.

I'm desperately in need of a new printer/scanner ASAP but it's a mind field and don't know which to go for.  My Epson has been absolutely marvellous over the years and could easily cope with 300 gsm card, smooth or textured. albeit the inks were a bit pricey but i didn't mind because of the ease of printing onto cardstock.

I'm in the middle of making wedding stationery, plus I've got orders to get out by next week and need a printer/scanner, quick smart, capable of printing onto thick (ish) card.

So could I ask which printer/scanner you lovely crafty folk would recommend for good quality printing and printing onto card ?????

Thank you all so very much in advance xx vicki xx


Aunty Sue said...

I had a epson and loved it but now have a kodaxwent with the add of cheap ink but they didnt say that it uses colour ink when printing in Black only so although I very rarely use colour to print it still uses the ink. So wouldnt recommend it. I would go for another epson as that is what I will do and also one that has more than just 2 ink cartiages.

Pam said...

Hi Sarah I had to replace mine recently n got a canon pixma mg4150 was a bit worried when I got home n realised it was a front loader but it's been great it prints in STampin up card an I've printed on pearlised card it doesn't like the really heavy pearlised card x

Pam said...

Sorry vicki dont know where I got Sarah frim!!!!!