Monday, 31 January 2011

My Final Piece

Hiya folks, I thought I'd share some photos of what I've been up to regarding my Art Coursework (warning!!!!! this could be a long post !!!).  What with the exam papers out tomorrow ....YIKES!!!! it's kinda dawned on me how much work I've yet to complete.  We now have 10 weeks to prep for our exam, and I've still not finished my coursework....only writing to do though.

Anyways, this is going to be my final piece, as you can probably guess, it's inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts and Modigliani. I'm quite chuffed with how this turned out, it took forever to finish...phew thank goodness it's done.

I recently took an art course with Tamara Laporte from Willowing and this is what I came up with.  It's part of my experimenting in my sketchbook.
These are my A1 display boards, featuring Artist Links, Design Ideas etc,  The board below shows 5 canvas paintings that I did inspired by  Kelly Rae Roberts
This A1 board shows my initial rough sketch, and then painted onto a small canvas board, again inspired by Modigliani and Kelly Rae Roberts.  A bit of photo manipulation.
My original rough sketch in my A3 sketchbook
Modigliani artist link A1 board.
I've painted two paintings by Modigliani, the small photo in the centre is Modigliani's painting.
My interpretation  of Modigliani's painting
My A1 primary source drawing board.  These flowers and butterflies I've drawn using a variety of mediums, from Copics, Pen and Ink, Sketching pencils and charcoal.
Wakey Wakey..... !!!!  Sorry if you nodded off there, I think that's enough of my rambling on for now.  Hope your all keeping well and happy.  Not sure when I'll be back, hopefully I'll get some crafting done in between.

Take care all, lots of luv 'n' hugs xx vicki xx


xGemmax said...

Wow they are all amazing :o)
hugs and xxx

Julie said...

Hi Vicki, I'm sure you'll do well in your exam, your work looks fab.

coops said...

wow, these are fantastic vicki.good luck in the exam hun :D

xx coops xx

Seen from a RED perspective said...

Really Nice work :))

Riet said...

So gorgeous Vicki.

Hugs Riet.xx

Anonymous said...

One thing is inspired and quite another copy!