Friday, 20 June 2008

A couple of thanks yous..

Maria very kindly offered to send me some stamped images, but look what I received. OMGosh Wow!!! to say I was gobsmacked when I opened the envelope is a huge understatement. Not only did she send me the most gorgeous card but it was jam packed with loads of PB stamped images. And just look at all these beauties I have to play with. Thank you so very, very much Maria for your kindness and generosity, it's hugely appreciated
I received this beautiful congratulations card from Michelle, such a kind and thoughtful gesture Michelle, thank you so very much. (I have e-mailed you Michelle, but not sure if you've received it as I know your in the process of changing your ISP).
OK, that's my first post for today, shall be back again with some other cards to show. xx vicki xx


Suzanne said...

Beautiful you know what they say one good turn deserves another and you are a very kind thoughtful person so it is being returned. Sue :o)

Jenn said...

What beautiful cards you have received!!! Have fun with all your images!!! :D

Michelle said...

Your are more than welcome Vick I am just really glad that you liked it :0) You have been really busy simnce I last visited, sorry i haven't got time to comment on all your cards but they are all fab! xx