Monday, 11 February 2008

Hello peeps, gosh the days just fly by don't they. Haven't got any cards to post as yet just passing by to say hello and "WOO!!! HOOOO!!!!!! Well done Wales" blimey we won AGAIN, thats England and Scotland we've beaten now, how on earth did that happen, oooppps!!! sorry to rub it in. Well to be honest, not really too keen on Rugby but all the lads in our house are crazy for it, especially hubby as he played the game into his late 20's until a neck injury got the better of him. Also on Saturday it was 18 years that hubby and I had our engagement party, we only realised on see just goes to show we've been together too long now. My scallywags are off school this week with half, so far the weather has been gorgeous and we have been making the most of it. Probably won't be around much this week hoo, well gotta keep the little ones entertained. ooohh yeh I have made a start on my maya road tin, also in the middle of altering a wooden box which contains loads of stamps, I got from QVC, trouble is though I don't know when I will get round to finishing it. Oohh also I am so annoyed with royal mail at the mo, I posted my Friendship card last Wednesday to my Do Crafts partner and she still has not received it. I put a large stamp on it to make sure it would get there, the post mistress took the envelope off me and put it in the sack, but Dawn has not got it, so I have made a duplicate one, well just finished it in fact, and I have got a good mind to send it recorded delivery. Well rant over, i'm off to have a cuppa which my son, Tom has just made for me. Take care everyone, xx vicki xx


jo said...

Have a great half-term Vicki. I love it here as the boys keep little Jess occupied so I get to have some "me time"!

Toni said...

I don't know about rugby, but my Mom, my younger brothers and I are hooked on a good footie match -- Manchester United all the way! I wish I could join you for a cup of tea ... too bad about the post, huh? But now maybe your friend Dawn will receive TWO! double happiness.

Veronica said...

Ha I love the Angus stamp too cute!!!! from sugar nellies.